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How to Reach Braunschweig

By plane:
It is recommended to fly to Hannover (HAJ).
From Hannover airport there are the following alternatives to travel to Braunschweig:

  1. Take the subway (line S5) to Hannover Main Station (Hauptbahnhof). Change to InterCity Train (IC) to Braunschweig Main Station (Hauptbahnhof). The cost for a normal one-way ticket is 22 EUR.
  2. Order a shuttle transfer.
    starting at 68 EUR per person and trip. Unfortunately the web page is only in German.
    starting at 75 EUR per person and trip. English web page available
  3. Get a taxi (cost should be around 120 EUR per trip).
  4. Rent a car at the airport. It is recommended to reserve in advance.

Alternatively, Frankfurt (Main) or Berlin are viable destinations from which
domestic flights to Hannover or the ICE train to Braunschweig
are recommended. Otherwise, you can rent a car and follow the
recommendations to reach Braunschweig by car.

By car:
Braunschweig is located near the following highways (Autobahn):
A2 (East-West) and A7/A39 (from the South).

Address of the Meeting:
Haus der Wissenschaft
Pockelsstra├če 11
38106 Braunschweig
Look it up in Google Maps

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